Riding Experience

On our riding holidays, to ensure the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all Connemara Equestrian Escapes riding guests it is necessary that you have sufficient riding experience to be confident at the walk and rising (posting) trot.

There will be plenty of opportunities to canter or gallop, but if you’re not happy going up the gears you will be offered an alternative.
For example, you may decide to dismount and take a stroll, with or without your pony.

You may like to ride into the Atlantic Ocean and bring your horse or pony for a paddle. Whatever you decide, one of our experienced guides will stay with you until it’s time to rejoin the group.
Find it difficult to mount from the ground? No problem! In Connemara there are as many stone walls and big rocks as there are colourful stories. Nature’s mounting blocks are plentiful and our ponies and horses are happy to stand and wait for you to get organised.

For guests on our Equine-assisted Wellness Retreats, no riding experience is required.

riding-experience-Equine-assisted Wellness Retreat in Connemara
Our aim is to make your time with Connemara Equestrian Escapes as memorable as possible, for all the right reasons.