Not Just Riders!

Not just riders

Non-riders enjoy cultural activities like a visit to Killary Sheep Farm with Connemara Equestrian Escapes

It’s not just riders we welcome to Connemara Equestrian Escapes!

Yes, that’s correct. Many of our customers since 2013 did not sit on a horse!! In 2020, we have a number of Equine-assisted Wellness Retreats specifically aimed at those ‘not just riders’!

We decided to cater for the ‘not just riders’ population too  because we discovered that not all relationships made in heaven involved horses., and not everybody who loves being with horses wants to ride.

Many of our riding guests have partners, family members and friends  who do not ride and we have ample activities to design an itinerary around their interests.

Some people are eager to come and learn what our herd of Connemara Ponies has to teach without wanting to sit on their backs.

Not just riders

On our riding holidays, non-riders can choose to join in with the riders for lunch and cultural activities each day and rates can be negotiated to reflect this.

Our Equine-assisted Wellness Retreats include the option to add extra days to explore Connemara on horseback.

Ask us now about our non-rider adventures!

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