Cnoc Suain


Cnoc Suain (meaning “restful hill”) is a restored 17th century Connemara hill-village situated on a drumlin amidst 200 acres of expansive primordial bogland, surrounded by magnificent views of lake, bog, sea and mountain. Some of the thatched and slate-roofed stone cottages, date back to 1691.
As Irish/Gaelic speakers, musicians, natural scientists, teachers and owners of Cnoc Suain, Dearbhaill Standún and Charlie Troy invite you to join them in their international award winning Connemara clochán (hill village)

The clochán at Cnoc Suain encompasses an Upper and a Lower village – ‘An Baile Uachtar and An Baile Iochtar’. The cluster of authentically restored vernacular cottages, buildings and little stone-walled green fields is accessed by a winding yellow gravel road of local stone.
The smooth upright granite standing stone, c.1000 B.C, witness to the passage and changes of time, is positioned on top of the hill and represents a special place of pre-historic burial. Custodian of the surrounding countryside and of the hill-village below, the stone is an integral part of this restored, reawakened & revitalised ‘Conamara clochán’.