Killary Sheep Farm

Killary Sheep Farm is a traditional working mountain farm with approx 200 ewes and lambs roaming freely in the mountain overlooking Killary Fjord. The farm runs mainly blackhead horny sheep – a hardy breed, well able to survive on the mountains during the harsh winters.

Working sheepdog at Killary Sheep farm

Working sheepdog at Killary Sheep farm

Because the sheep live on the mountain, the farm’s working dogs – Sweep, Lassie and Fly – are an integral part of the workforce. These dogs are highly trained. Watching them work the sheep is quite an experience! Training them is hard work and time consuming but it’s very rewarding when the dog finally gets it right.

At shearing time, you can watch the fleeces being expertly clipped from the sheep. The sheep at Killary Sheep Farm are shorn in the traditional way, with a hand shears. It is unusual to see hand shearing still in practice as most farmers are using the machine now but I don’t like the machine I think it takes too much wool off and the sheep get cold after.

Turf (peat) is cut using the slean – the way it was done in the olden days gone by – so a visit to Killary Sheep Farm is like a step back in time.