Reviews & Testimonials


26 – 28 September 2014


“What a fabulous weekend every aspect of it was perfect!

  • First class accommodation and hospitality.
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Interesting and beneficial lessons.
  • Great food.
  • Great night’s sleep and cosy beds.
  • Craic.

Thanks for everything, including the chauffeuring

Hope you do it again please.”



“Thanks you so much for the great day and the opportunity to join a brilliant show jumping lesson. The facilities, instruction, food and company were just class and I hope there will be plenty more weekends like this in the near future.”

Thanks again

Fiona & Lír (the big bay gelding)


“Thanks for a great weekend and accommodating me and my horse’s specific needs. Mary was great at things ….., And Kays lesson over the wonderful parks course was great for me and the horses confidence, small groups made it easier to take all the information in.

Great company, great food, great weekend please arrange the same weather for next one”




“To visit this place of yours has always been a tremendous pleasure. It is the most tranquil peaceful place on earth. One couldn’t but relax here, both in and around this wonderful house.

You have everything here for your guest’s luxurious comfort and all mod cons. You have created a cottage atmosphere in this castle of yours.

This adult camp weekend has been a wonderful education for you as our hostess and for all your guests both human and equine. I bet a pound to a pinch of shite mind you, that you didn’t bank on having so many dogs around.

My first lesson was with Mary Mitchell and she brought back to basics – working on transitions and roundness. She thought me to insist on what I was asking for from the horse and not to settle for anything less. It was a very worthwhile session. Mary is such a great soul with a very positive and encouraging attitude towards her pupils.

Kay Nolan began our cross country lesson by working on our lights seat. It was fantastic to be out in a very small group. We covered every type of fence individually and finished by doing a combination of 10 or more fences. It was a brilliant learning experience for me on a young, inexperienced horse. Kay was so encouraging and knowledgeable. She boosted my confidence in my horse and even wanted to take her home.

The many hands make light work approach to the evening meal and to the lunch on Sunday is a tribute to all your fantastic, domesticated friend. You’re obviously moving in the right circles.

Helen Nolan’s show jumping lesson was another back to basics session with canter poles to start and finishing up with a course of fences. Helen worked on rhythm, roundness and relaxation. Thankfully the fences weren’t huge because neither y horse nor I had much left in the tank. But my only problem I have is………. I didn’t want to go home. Such a pleasure to spend the weekend in such good company, and with the fantastic instructors.

Finola Murphy


“Kay Nolan was very good didn’t blind us with too many points. Realised needed more lessons to help with bad habits (Lower Leg). Very relaxed, and horse went well

Mary Mitchel also was excellent, and helped to relax me and horse, although it was probably too advanced for my horse.

Helen great as ever, again helped with young horse with simple exercises.

Was great company food was good and had a good laugh. Facilities were good. Weather fab. Enjoyed it”.

Thanks Cait



“Where to start?

Accommodation: Great, clean and fresh.

Food: Exceptionally good

Teaching: Helen was crystal clear in her instructions. Lessons well planned and with a planned outcome. I.E Improving the canter

Only possible negative maybe a smaller group would have been better.

Thank for a great time”.



Martin and I saw the add on Facebook and decided to give it a go as we needed a break.

We brought our 4 year old Prince and Martin took Murt who hadn’t been ridden in a while.

We headed up to Moycullen after work on Friday 26th of September. As it was dark when we got to Moycullen we rang Cait for directions. To moycullen was fine, but when she directed us up a narrow winding Hazel filled road. I kept thinking where are we going to end up. We kept going anyway, and at the end of the road we found our stop. There in front of us was this amazing looking 2 storey stone house. But what caught my eye was the view behind it of the Corrib my goodness it was breath taking, between it and the house was this fab sand arena.

Anyway we packed away our horses; and they had hay, feed and a lovely dry stable.

We headed to the house to where we met all the other people who were taking part in the weekend. We were shown to our room by Cait and it was so comfortable.


We made our way down to the dining room and we sat together for dinner. What fun we had that night. Headed to bed and up the next morning to a fab breakfast not a rasher in sight. Healthy fab food, just what I love.

We tacked up horses had a dressage lesson with Mary Mitchel. I have to say top class learned loads from her.

Time for lunch and again fab food, fresh and tasty to die for. We tacked up again and headed out to the cross country. My goodness it felt like heaven, by now we didn’t want this ever to stop. The lesson was conducted by Kay Nolan. She made it all feel so easy we had our horses jumping up on banks into water over cottages and loving every minute of it.

Back to base again quick shower and we all had dinner. We had the best time ever with a great bunch of people.

Last event was next morning when we took on the show jumping with Helen Nolan. She took me and my gelding over jumps and we both enjoyed it. Martin hadn’t ridden in quite a while and felt so good after this lesson. While waiting our turn to jump we had the pleasure of looking out into the Corrib beside us.

When finished we sat down for one last lunch. Well tired and rested. I have to say it was the 1st time riding my horse and there were no nerves what so ever. This was a combination of the trust we had in the instructors plus the whole atmosphere of the place.

I loved very single moment of my stay, relaxing, healthy and peaceful. It was worth every penny and we highly recommend this place. A little bit of heaven with a horse what more do you want. We will be back for sure”

Thank you Cait.

Martin and Mags Corry





“Thank you very much for an excellent time!

The horses were great; they were a pleasure to ride. Omey Island, while wet while we were there was the place I enjoyed the most. The riders are encouraged to take part in tasks such as feeding, grooming, hoof cleaning, and loading and unloading of horses to increase the rider/horse bond. Once again this has been great!”

Thank you

Twyla Haslett


“A fine time was had by all!

As a non-rider, I was very much included, without inhibiting the rider’s experiences. Our hostess was rich with stories (and Song) and my experience was just what I expected in the unexpected.

What a lovely operation”.

Liz Wiley, Watkinsville, GA

Cathriona and Ciarán – A quick note to say thank you for such a fantastic weekend in the west! As an Irish photo-journalist I didn’t realise how uncultured I was, and how little I knew about Connemara, but thanks to you I learned more about the place and saw so much in one weekend – that I did in my lifetime! As for the horses, they were all could you want on a riding holiday – well-behaved, forward-going and 100% reliable. The hospitality – food and accommodation – was second to none, and faultless. In fact the entire weekend was just that – faultless.

I am proud to be Irish, and, after this weekend, most proud of what you are showcasing to both the Irish people and visitors. We truly have a beautiful country and Connemara is up there with the best.”

Siobhán English – Journalist, Co. Kildare

“One of my dreams was always to gallop on the beach and ride in the sea – the experience was better than any dream – exhilarating and breathtaking, bracing and beautiful.  An added bonus was the lovely accommodation and fantastic food at Renvyle House.”

Maggie Smith, Co. Galway.

“Horse riding is part of my daily routine all year round while in training for competitions held at weekends. Like people, horses too can become weary of repetitive training so my weekend away with Connemara Equestrian Escapes was just the tonic for me and my horse.”

Maria Shannon, Co. Galway

Who could ask for anything more ? Leisurely treks in the hills, strolls through the bogs to reach the Marconi Station topped with a gallop along the beaches of Connemara. Back to the hotel to relax and chill out in the luxury of the lovely hotel knowing your horse is within view in his comfortable stable.”

Patrick MacLaughlin – Co. Laois

“Nothing can compare to my first horse riding experience in Connemara. Beaches with turquoise waters on a clear day matching that of a Mediterranean postcard. My first ever attempt at playing golf (with the onsite lake claiming most of my golf balls). Food was magnificent as was the accommodation for both myself and my horse.”

Sinead Fenton, Co. Westmeath

“As a non-rider, I accompanied my wife and her horse on a weekend trip to Connemara. Our dog came too to complete the family unit! While the riders grouped each day to embark on their trail riding, I had the freedom to explore the Renvyle peninsula and enjoy the many amenities the hotel had to offer. Dinner with the riding group in the evenings allowed us to swap stories and recount our day. A little dubious about spending a weekend with a group of horse-mad folk initially but my fears were allayed within an hour of arrival. Well done Connemara Equestrian Escapes team.”

Patrick Lally, Co. Clare

“A truly magical weekend, lots of amazing trekking, stunning locations: islands, bog roads, historical routes, gorgeous seaside trails. We even snuck in a fantastic boat trip to a deserted island where everyone swam on a crisp white sandy beach where the water was crystal clear.

The magic of Omey Island races added to all the weekend’s excitement.

Fabulous memories of an equestrian weekend in Connemara that all horse lovers would adore.

Connemara Equestrian Escapes YOU set the standard!”

Caoilinn De Bairead O’Rourke, Co. Galway

“Whether you are a competitive horse rider or just a beginner riding through the breath-taking scenery of Connemara is a wonderful experience! It is a fantastic way for you and your horse to take in the sights completely chill out as well as get the adrenaline going by swimming in the sea or galloping along a deserted beach! The atmosphere, accommodation, cuisine and company were second to none ……I would definitely recommend an escape to Connemara for you and your horse! A real treat….”

“Thank you for organizing a wonderful weekend! Fabulous surroundings, company and fine dining ! Wishing you all the best for the future. Definitely keep in touch and hopefully will see you again soon. Slán go foill”.

Clair O’Neill, Mullingar

“My son Jay and I went on a wonderful weekend with Connemara equestrian escapes. The food, craic, scenery and luxurious accommodation made the whole weekend a great break for us and horses . Highly recommended .”

Riona Finn, Co. Galway

“I really enjoyed the weekend. Highlights were the beach ride and the swimming with my horse. It really was a great group of people together.”

Janna Duane, Co. Galway.

“An experience of a Lifetime! Pure relaxation, fun and quality time with your horse. It’s what owning a horse is all about but sometimes there is so much things going on like competition, lessons etc, you don’t get to stop and really enjoy your horse. It’s the real life version of the romantic dream of owning a horse. Fantastic people, scenery & atmosphere. Life doesn’t get much better than this!”

Ursula Fitzpatrick, Co. Offaly